We relish the little details. At Toreras, with our work, values and products, we strive to put good and positive things in the limelight. We firmly believe in the saying that happiness is in the little things and moments. That’s why we make the very most out of them and share them with our loved ones: because anything that is experienced in company tastes better..


At Toreras we spread bite-sized moments of happiness, laughter and pleasure. Moment you live to the max, in which everything is seasoned just right. Moments when the world stands still and the only ones that exist are you with your friends, your family or your partner. Or even just you. Because it doesn’t matter, the important thing is living the moment. A moment that makes everything else worthwhile. And with Toreras we will always have an Olé plan, a fantastic plan, a plan worth celebrating. Or better still, because a good plan is even better with Toreras. Pop open your tin or jar of Toreras and Olé! Let the fiesta begin.


TORERAS KIMBO is a leading enterprise in preserved, pickled and skewered appetisers and tapas. With over 70 years of history, TORERAS strives to offer consumers a wide variety of the very highest quality and dependable preserves and skewers with the best and most original flavours in the market.

Our drive is to satisfy customers that are looking for quality and our original and unmistakable flavour.

The TO-RE-RAS and KIMBO brands have a highly-acclaimed reputation. So much so, that TO-RE-RAS is used in the sector as a generic term for skewered pickles, and KIMBO is used to describe Gordal olives stuffed with chilli peppers.